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Benefits & How To

To get the most benefit from Ori and Marula Oil, please read the following instructions carefully.


The natural ingredients will moisturize and help heal your skin leaving no blemishes. Ori is ultra soothing to sun burns, driest skin conditions (feet) and certain types of skin rashes. Also, applying small amounts of Ori will help reduce fine lines. Ori is Hypoallergenic & Fragrance free. *Strong recommendation for daily use on stretch marks during weight loss/gain, and pregnancy.

Use as a sunscreen and receive all of the benefits of beautiful glowing skin without exposing the skin to harsh UV rays. Ori Shea is one of the best skin protectors during sports and tanning. Ori also serves as a protection barrier for wind burn during the winter months. Protect your hands!! Apply before or after using any household detergents.

Best Recommended Uses.
Deep tissue massage. Massage away muscle aches and pains. Shower afterwards as the application for this will require a quarter sized amount. *Prevent stretch marks by using during weight loss / gain and pregnancy.

  • Always warm Ori in the palm of your hands before applying.
  • For face or delicate areas, rub a little from the jar, warm in your fingertips and dab onto lips, and fine lines.
  • Makeup Remover. Ori can also be used as a gentle makeup remover. Especially eye makeup.
    • Using a q-tip, use a small amount of Ori for the delicate area of the eyes.
    • Apply around the eyes and on eyelids.
    • Gently work it in and remove.
    • If necessary, wipe the eyelids and lashes a second time to ensure the removal of all of the product.
    • *Be sure to keep your eyes closed and gently wipe off the makeup.